Gino Vallante: Communication Mistakes

Gino Vallante is a real estate agent and business owner. Gino Vallante is known for his eclectic skillset and his ability to listen to clients effectively.

With countless reviews stating that he listens carefully and speaks clearly, it’s safe to assume that Gino Vallante has been able to avoid common communication mistakes like those touched on below:

  • Failing to Restate

Restating and paraphrasing what the speaker is saying helps you better understand the conversation. More importantly, though, it shows that you are truly listening better than “yeah,” “right” or “mm hmm” can.

  • Assuming

Don’t assume you know what the speaker is saying and interrupt to respond. Wait until he or she has finished talking, restate key points to be sure you understand and then respond.

Reading top books on communication or attending seminars will help you learn positive habits to replace common mistakes like those above. In time, with daily practice, you might find yourself with a reputation similar to that of Gino Vallante.

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