Gino Vallante: Active Listening Tips

Gino Vallante has decades of professional experience and presently works as a real estate agent. Gino Vallante maintains a positive reputation, particularly with delighted clients who frequently remark not just on Mr. Vallante’s ability to find the right home, but on how well he listens.

Listening is an ability that businesspeople like Gino Vallante spend time refining. If your listening skills could use a bit of work, tips like those below can help:

  • Maintain Eye Contact

Facing the person who is speaking to you and maintaining eye contact shows that you are listening and can keep you from getting distracted. If you catch yourself turned away or looking at the floor, reorient your feet, shoulders and eyes to the speaker.

  • Try to Picture the Conversation

Picturing the conversation through the speaker’s eyes and thoughts can help you better comprehend what’s being said. This will keep you engaged, lessening the urge to interrupt until you are ready to reply.

Look for top-rated books on active listening and communication, and practice these skills in everyday life if you hope to earn a reputation like that of Gino Vallante’s.

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