Gino Vallante: How to Communicate Effectively

Gino Vallante is a real estate agent with an eclectic business background in investing and sales. He is a skilled public speaker, and he has a reputation for his ability to both communicate and negotiate effectively.

Whether you work in real estate, as Gino Vallante does, or any other field that requires speaking and listening, tips like those below can help you improve your communication abilities:

  • Learn Body Language

If you understand the body language you and your client are displaying during a conversation, you can better comprehend what’s being said while communicating your point more clearly. Studying body language is worth the time involved.

  • Eliminate Word Whiskers

By eliminating word whiskers – extra words like “um” and “like” – you’ll appear more confident and positive when you speak. This goes a long way in improving client opinion.

Communication, for many, is a learned skill that requires constant refinement. Take a page from professionals like Gino Vallante and engage in regular research on the skills you need to keep sharp.

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