Gino Vallante: Mistakes to Avoid as a Real Estate Agent

Gino Vallante is a seasoned real estate agent whose background in advertising, leadership, management, negotiations and business development has helped him excel in his career.

From public speaking to financial advising, Gino Vallante’s variety of skills have contributed to his positive reputation. Mistakes like those touched on below are just some of the many that such an experienced real estate agent is careful to avoid:

  • Always Saying Yes

If you always say yes, you’ll have no boundaries and you’ll often find yourself with problem clients. Learn to say “no” when you know that a potential client’s requests are unreasonable and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

  • Poor Communication

If you don’t return calls right away and otherwise fail to communicate with clients, you’ll quickly earn a poor reputation. Don’t just research how to listen and speak, but understand how to organize prompt client communications.

If you’re new to real estate, learning from someone like Gino Vallante can help you sidestep mistakes and find success faster, especially if your mentor has experience with the communities you’re working in.

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