Gino Vallante: Tips for Business Development

Gino Vallante is a California realtor with a broad career history and a diverse skillset. Among the many abilities that have helped him build his positive reputation is business development.

Business development is, in part, how professionals like Gino Vallante apply initiatives, activities and skills to improve a business’s revenue, size and profitability. Tips like those below can help you tackle this sometimes-confusing skill:

  • Online Reviews Matter.

Today’s businesses live and die by online reviews. Negative online reviews can thwart even the best business development practices.

Though you can’t stop customers from leaving negative reviews, a business can reply. Replying to negative customer reviews shows that a business is diligent and that it cares. If potential customers see those negative reviews, a positive business reply offering to fix the situation can turn a poor impression into a positive one.

  • Websites Matter.

A website can make or break a business. Just as ignoring negative reviews can thwart development efforts, an outdated, poorly-designed website can undermine your work as well.

Many customers click away never to return when they find a website that they don’t enjoy. Hire a professional web designer and keep your site up to date. As you refine, invite customer feedback to tailor the site to what your audience wants and needs.

  • Marketing Matters.

If you’re not a marketing specialist, or even if you are, find one to assist you with your business development.

Businesses cannot wait for customers to come to them – businesses require marketing exposure to thrive.

Read more about business development from one of many respected books on the topic or consider attending a seminar in your area

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