Gino Vallante: Improve Your Public Speaking

Gino Vallante, a California realtor with a positive reputation among clients and professional partners alike, is a skilled public speaker who takes the stage confidently. He has spent years improving his ability to grab his audience and wow them.

If your career could benefit from improved public speaking abilities, and most can, it isn’t as hard as you might imagine to refine your skills. Even professionals like Gino Vallante, who seem natural on stage, spend time learning tricks like those touched on below:

  • Make a Pre-Speech Ritual.

Whether you’re speaking to a group of five coworkers or an audience of 1,000, a pre-speech ritual can make all the difference. Whatever helps you focus and feel centered is what you should be doing.

Examples of common pre-speech rituals include exercise, meditation, a relaxing bath, time at the sauna, a prayer, dancing and personal mantras. Whatever you select, do it before every speech and you will begin to teach your brain to relax and feel confident after going through the ritual.

  • Dress Well.

The way you present yourself does impact how the audience will receive you. For men, consider having your pants tailored and make sure that you shave. For women, wear high heels, consider false eyelashes and wear a well-fitting bra.

Regardless of who you are, make sure that your hair looks nice, bring a backup outfit and stand assertively.

  • Don’t Over-Apologize.

Apologizing about every little thing can cause you to fumble your speech. If something happens, unless it’s major, recover quickly and keep going.

If you’re serious about improving your public speaking skills, consider attending a seminar on the topic, taking classes or picking up a reputable book for additional insight.

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