Gino Vallante: Three Keys to Transition into New Leadership Roles

Gino Vallante has taken his development as a leader seriously throughout his career as a real estate agent and property professional in the San Diego area. Gino Vallante has found success by focusing on creating new opportunities for himself and transitioning into new leadership roles whenever possible. Opportunities to take your professional development as a leader to the next level don’t come along every day. You have to be ready to take advantage of these opportunities when they come. Here are three key leadership development keys when transitioning into a new role:

  • Learn new skills.

In order to prepare yourself for a new leadership role, you have to be willing and adept at taking on new challenges and learning new skills. Being good at sales is great, but until you can prove you are a good manager, you’ll never be in line for that promotion. Take the lead on smaller projects and try to manage a team of professionals so you can prove yourself ready to take the next step.

  • Be uncomfortable.

Whenever you take a step in a new direction, it won’t feel comfortable. That’s okay. That’s normal. Taking a step out of your comfort zone and take that step in stride. No amount of professional leadership development is comfortable and easy.

  • Ask for help.

In any good organization, there would-be mentors waiting in the wings for less experienced workers to ask them for help. Gino Vallante asked for help from the more experienced salesmen on his staff and learned from them to develop his own skills and get on the fast track to leadership development.

Gino Vallante earned an Ethics Certification from the California Board of Realtors.

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