Gino Vallante: Three Successful Real Estate Sales Techniques

Gino Vallante is a licensed real estate agent based in San Diego, California. He has spent his entire professional career developing business relationships, recruiting new real estate agents and sales people, and creating business programs in the public and private sector. Over his career, Gino Vallante has accumulated many useful skills and techniques that he has used to bolster his professional outlook, including real estate sales techniques. Here are three useful real estate sales techniques he has used to great effect throughout his career:

Always follow-up.

Sometimes a no is a yes with a maybe in-between. To get from a no to a yes, you have to follow-up with sales prospects. This not only lets your customers know you haven’t forgotten about them, it also helps them return to the subject of your proposal with a fresh mind. Perhaps things have changed and they’re ready to change their mind as well.

Be persistent.

The more times you contact a potential customer or buyer, the higher the likelihood is that they’ll say ‘yes.’ You can’t expect everyone you meet on the first day will buy what you’re selling. You have to take different approaches and stay in contact to get to the sale.

Gino Vallante knows that being there when the customer needs him is crucial to getting to ‘yes.’ Fulfilling their needs is a crucial part of following up. You’re anticipating their needs, providing resources and information, and meeting their immediate needs all at once.

Gino Vallante has made a career out of being there for his clients in the San Diego real estate market, leading to his success.

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